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January 2014

Harper Bazaar, Jan 2014, Middle East
For a weekend sojourn that takes you back to nature, stay at Anantara’s newly-opened Al Sahel Villas on Sir Bani Yas Island. Venture out on a safari or stay put in its one-of-a-kind thatched pool villas,


New Beauty Spa +, Jan 2014, USA

Chakra treatments are all about balance. There are seven primary chakras, or energy points, in your body that run a straight line from your skull to the base of your spine. It’s believed that these energy centers can be disrupted and thrown off balance


Wohn!Design, Jan 2014, Germany

Der Ayurveda-Arzt wird nicht dafur bezahlt, dass sein Patient gesund wird, sondern dafur, dass dieser gesundbleibt. Ein Wellnessurlaub in Asien ist also erholsam und gesund!


February 2014

GQ, February 2014, UK

Whereas some luxury spas temper native traditionsfor western tastes, Ananda wears its heritage with pride. Ayurveda, the system of traditional Indian medicine, is the modus operandi here, with meal and spa treatments.


Luxus.Welt.de, February 2014, Germany

Inmitten der Weite des Himalaya-Gebirges, etwa 260 kilometer nordlich von Delhi, befindet sich ein im jahre 1895 erbauter Palast. Der einstige Maharadscha wohntdort schon lange nicht mehr.


New You, February 2014, USA

Slightly elevated company I’ve been keeping of late. Or maybe it really is the result of our collective entry into the “Age of Aquarius” as well as the emergence of a new global consciousness. Either way, it appears that the art of meditation is having a real moment—trending outside of Buddhist monks and cropping up as a daily staple in the “meat and three veg” crowds of the western world

O, The Oprah Magazine, February 2014, USA

This month I'm making it a point to practice what we're preaching: taking time for yourself in the name of wellness.In fat, I'm writing this in the foothills of the Himalayas, near Rishikesh, India


March 2014

For the Bride, March 2014, USA

Imagine a sleep-away camp for grown-ups. Located on 37,000 acres of Big Sky country in Greenough, Paws Up (pawsup.com) lets you rough it but feel pampered too


The Independent, March 2014, UK

In the 1950s, conservationist Dwarika Das Shrestha took aver a collection of hertage houses in kathmandu and spent 30 years turning them into a five-star hotel. In Actober, the Shrestha famly opened their second resort, only an hour' drive outside.


TV media, March 2014, Austria

Hatcher liebt Wein. Das geht so weit, dass sie mit ihm sogar baden geht. Warum sie das tut? „Wenn du allein bist und dir eine Flasche Wein aufmachst, ist er nach vier, fünf Tagen nicht mehr so gut“, erklärt die Schauspielerin mit 

Viva, March 2014, Middle East

This 1930's Boutique hotel is one of the most iconic and historical building in Nairobi and set across 12 acres of private land with in a 140 acre indigenous forest

Zurich Deluxe_March 2014, Switzerland

ANANDA In The Himalayas, in the state of Uttarakhand, about 260 kilometers north of Delhi, is and ideal place for people who look for recuperation and believe that luxury and spirituality are not mutually exclusive


April 2014

Across, April 2014, China

A completely royal experience, looks like a palace in the hills. It not offers beautiful view of the himalayas and also the spa treat ment was the best we have ever had. the yoga and meditation sessions were excellent.


Elle Canada, April 2014, USA

I'm stretching and twisting my body through a set of yoga poses—the half butterfly, the cat, the striking cobra, the flapping fish and the crocodile—but I have monkeys on my mind.


Forbes (online), April 2014, USA

I came to dehradun, an Indian city in the Himalayan foothills, to try out Vana, Malsi Estate, a multi-discipline, wellness retreat(Ayurveda, Tibetan healing, Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc.)


Hochzeitsplaner_März, April 2014, Germany

Das Luxushotel Ananda in the Himalayas leigt zirka 260 km nordlich von Delhi auf einem Hochplateau in den Vorbergen des himalaya.Es wurde 1895 als Palast Maharadschas von Tehri Garhwal erbaunt und hat 70 Luxuszimmer


Outlook Traveller, April 2014, India

Out of the 80-plus options with own brand products at this 24,000-sq-ft destination spa, the Tibetan experiences by lla based on the sowa rigpa healing traditions are a revelation 


World of Aerin, April 2014, USA

I can't think of a better location than the foothills of the Himalayas for a spa that specializes in inner and outer transformation. A team of nutritionsts, spa therapists, and western and Ayurvedic physician prepare.


May 2014

Austin American Statesman, May 2014, USA

From the top of old baldy Garner State Park unfolds in miniature- tiny tents staked beneath grand old trees, aglinting blue-green slice of river and miles that look, from up here


Details, May 2014, USA

RELAX. This is going to hurt. Tony detox retrats across the globe are pushing extreme treatment meant to purge the body of impurities and excess pounds.


Living & Travel Magazine, May 2014, USA

Si lo que quieres es un viaje a lugares de exotica bella]eza natural y tranquilidad te proponemos India. Para las amantes de la cultura Hindu, Rishikesh, al norte de la India


The Sunday Times, May 2014, Malta

Ananda in the Himalayas Ananda, India . A short drive from Rishikesh, and set overlooking tha Ganges River, this spa will detox you mind and body by using the physical attributi of the


Travel & Leisure Awards, May 2014, India

It's easy to lose yourself in the tranquil atmostphere at Ananda In The Himalayas Located in the foothills of the Haridwar this dessination spa redelines lifestyles with its holistic yoga.


Travel & Leisure, May 2014, India

I'm a stay-at-home mom. And therefore. I know I can't just take off on some lang indulgent spa vacation sans my darling monsters:the son and the husband.


Upper Crust, May 2014, India

At Ananda, I soon came to learn that you can cram in a serious amount of wellbeing during the coures fo a singer day. Beginners Yoga takes placed at 7.15am daily.


Wellness live, May 2014, Switzerland

Dass man an einem ganz besonderen Ort weilt, zeigt sich gleich bei der Ankunft: Auf dem Bett liegen weisse Pyjamas, nicht zum Schlafen, sondern als einheitliche Bekleidung der Gäste. Diese Gewänder zu tragen ist zwar kein Muss, doch sie sind praktischer als jede 


Women's Health, May 2014, India

TOOL TRICK: "If you use your hands correctly there's no better tool to break down fat pockets."Hall suggests forming a cup with yours hands then patting all overyour knee and hips to reduce cellilite.


June 2014

New You, June 2014, Middle East

We've done destination spas, we've sampled luxury hospitality and most of us have tried yoga. We even have a basic knowledge of Ayurveda and Eastern mysticism.

Ananda In The Himalayas
The Palace Estate, Narendra Nagar Tehri - Garhwal, Uttaranchal - 249175, INDIA

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