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Spirit Of Ananda Aug 2014

Namaskar from Ananda in the Himalayas,

This issue of the Spirit of Ananda Newsletter introduces Ananda’s Yogic Cleansing Retreat scheduled for December 2014 and also provides Yoga practices, Aromatherapy and Ayurveda tips which can be beneficial in Yogic Cleansing.

We would also like to remind our readers about Ananda’s Living with Arthritis Retreat scheduled for October 2014. Ananda’s Living with Arthritis Retreat will be conducted by Ananda's Ayurvedic Doctor, Dr.Shijoe Matthew- from October 1st to October 15th 2014. It can be booked both as a 7 night or a 14 night retreat.

Yogic Cleansing Retreat

Ananda’s Yogic Cleansing retreat aims at practicing the different Hatha yogic cleansing techniques (Shatkriya) to detox in a natural and effective way. Shatkriyas like Ayurveda are also used to balance the three doshas in the body (Vata, Pitta and Kapha). In Yogic cleansing, asana (Hatha yogic postures), Pranayama (yogic breathing techniques), meditation and Yogic/Ayurvedic diet are incorporated along with Shatkriya to give profound experiences of vitalization and harmony. The intensity of the package increases with the duration of stay of the guest.


Ananda’s approach to Yogic Cleansing

7 nights yogic cleansing or detoxification is an introductory form of Yogic Detox with cleansing of the upper Gastro intestine tract, sinus, nasal passage, eyes and ears. This is moderate in intensity but yet a very holistic and vitalizing experience.

Hatha Yogic technique of Jal Neti (nasal cleansing) and Kunjal (voluntary yogic vomiting) work on the upper Gastro intestine tract, sinus, nasal passage, eyes and ears. Jal Neti is a process done with saline luke warm water to cleanse the nasal passage, sinus and throat. Water is poured from one nostril and it naturally comes out through the other nostril. Neti is a very effective in managing the problems of sinusitis, hay fever, asthma, tonsillitis and dust allergies. It is a practice which rejuvenates the entire head region and after the removal of toxins one feels lightness and relaxation.

14 night Yogic Detox incorporates Hatha Yogic cleansing of Laghoo Shankha Prakshalana (yogic cleansing of the intestines). This is a non invasive Hatha Yogic technique of complete intestinal wash or cleansing. Laghoo Shankha Prakshalana or LSP is a very simple, natural and effective procedure to encourage a good bowel movement. LSP intends to empty and clean the whole digestive system by encouraging natural peristaltic movement of the intestine, sphincter muscle and nerves of the digestive tract in order to enhance the cleansing process.

Click here to read more and to book the Retreat


This is a technique of Pranayama as well as the process of cleansing in the system of Hatha Yoga. This technique enhances the level of vitality (Prana) in the body.

There are a few Contraindications of this practice. People suffering from high blood pressure, heart condition, hernia, or any recent abdominal surgery should avoid this practice. Pregnant women should avoid the practice or should do this under the supervision of an expert.

To do the practice assume a comfortable and stable sitting cross legged position with the eyes and the lips gently closed. Place the hands on the knees. And keep the spine, head and the neck straight in one line. Please align the body properly so that the weight of the body is being passed on to the buttocks through the spinal cord and your abdominal muscles are very loose and relaxed. Take a few deep and slow breaths and relax the body from inside.

To start the practice inhale slowly and exhale forcefully by contracting the abdominal muscles simultaneously. Continue in this fashion rapidly at the speed of one breath per second. Exhale forcefully in dynamic way but without constricting the facial muscles and the nostrils. The force in the breath should be generated by rapid contraction of the abdominal muscles. Practice up to 15-20 counts in the first round and then take a slow and deep breath in and out. Followed by your natural and normal breaths. As you feel the breath has settled down restart the second round of the practice by inhaling slowly and start with the forceful exhalation. During the practice please keep the shoulders and the chest still and relaxed. As you finish the second round relax the body and the breath through deep inhalation and exhalation followed by a few natural breaths. In this way one can continue up to 5 rounds of the practice.

For a beginner 20-25 counts is a good number. Later on as one find the practice easier and relaxing can take the counts even up to 35 to 50.

Kapalbhati is an excellent practice to rejuvenate the brain cells therefore it is highly effective in preventing and improving the brain degenerating disorders. During the practice of Kapalbhati there is a rapid vertical movement of the diaphragm which improves the circulation of the oxygenated blood and fluids in the entire digestive organs. It is also very good for people who are depressed or those who have low vitality level in the body. The ideal time of Kapalbhati like all yoga practices is early morning when the stomach is empty.


Abhyanga is a traditional synchronized full body massage given by two experienced Ayurveda therapists using Sesame oil; this experience is also known as the “four-handed-massage.” Abhyanga improves physical consistency, helps to liquefy toxins and induces relaxation, whilst normalizing blood pressure and eliminating impurities.

Chef Narendra Sharma and his team present a signature Ananda recipe for

1. Beetroot Detox Drink
2. Rolled White Oats & Carrot Pancake with Seasonal Vegetables& Soya Anglaise

Beetroot Detox Drink

This juice is very effective for cleansing of the liver and increasing the rate at which the toxins get processed out of the body.
Serving Size: 4

150 grams Beetroot
  50 grams Carrot

Mix all the ingredients and grind it in the blender. Stir , strain and serve it immediately.

Rolled White Oats & Carrot Pancake with Seasonal Vegetables& Soya Anglaise

For Pancake:
50 grams Oats roasted
120 grams Refined Flour
1 no Egg
50 grams Grated Carrot
3 grams Salt
4 grams Baking Powder
150 ml Milk
1 grams Nutmeg


80 grams Soya milk
20 grams Refined flour
20 ml Olive oil
4 grams Chopped parsley
3 grams Salt

Heat the oil in a pan, add refined flour, cook until the raw is flavor gone.
Mix Soya milk gradually into flour.
Add salt and chopped Parsley.

Juliennes of bell peppers, onion, zucchini and carrot
Sauté these vegetables separately.
Heat the oil in a pan, add chopped garlic & onion. Sauté them and add the other sautéed vegetables, salt, basil and béchamel sauce.
Soak the roasted oats for about 1 hour in milk.
Add flour, salt, carrot, baking powder and nutmeg powder, make a mixture.
Make the pancakes.
Fill the vegetables between pancakes using ring cutter.
Finish with soya anglaise on top and garnish.

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Period Retreat/Master Topic

Visiting Master

October 1- 15 Ananda Retreat Living with Arthritis Dr.Shijoe Matthew
October 1 -26 Visiting Master Craniosacral Work Cameran Walker
October 16 - 30 Visiting Master Empowering Your Life Dr. Roma & Dr. Preeti
November  1 - 15 Visiting Master Reflexology, Reiki and Shakti Healing Suruchi Bazaz
November 15 - 30 Visiting Master Chakra Healing, Balancing and Alignment through Color Therapy Rosemarie Goerke
December 10 -24 Ananda Retreat Yogic Cleansing  

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