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Spirit Of Ananda Mar 2014

Namaskar from Ananda in the Himalayas,

This issue of the Spirit of Ananda Newsletter is a reminder for Ananda's Meditation Retreat scheduled for April 2014, introduces Ananda’s Quit Smoking Retreat scheduled for May 2014 and also provides Yoga practices, Aromatherapy and Ayurveda tips which can be beneficial in controlling your cravings.

Ananda’s Living Consciously Meditation Retreat Program will be conducted by Sushant Pandey - Ananda's Head of Yoga from April 1st to April 14th 2014. The retreat can be booked both as a 7 night or a 14 night retreat.

Quit Smoking Retreat

To successfully quit smoking, you will need to address both the physical and psychological addiction and the habits and routines that go along with it. At Ananda through a well planned series of Ayurvedic treatments, Yogic cleansings and Aromatherapy you will be guided to not just quitting smoking but to develop a healthy lifestyle routine to keep the body, mind and soul balanced.

This retreat will be conducted by Ananda's Ayurvedic Doctor – Dr. Shijoe Matthew Anchery from May1st to May 14th 2014. The retreat can be booked for either 7 nights or for 14 nights.


Ananda’s approach to Quit Smoking

Ananda's Ayurvedic Doctor - Dr. Shijoe Mathew will guide you through the path to give up smoking. Through the use of Ayurvedic therapies and principles, Reiki, Yoga and Meditation, you will be guided past the urge to smoke. The toxins that have been accumulated in the body will be flushed out using processes of detoxification, the urge will be conquered by will and you will no longer feel the need to light up a cigarette. We will also provide means and ways to train the mind and body so as to be able to sustain your achievement.

‘START’ your stop smoking plan

Set a quit date - Finalize a date for quitting. Ideally Planning should be done weeks prior to reaching Ananda and the date can be any date within the first 3 days at Ananda.

Tell family, friends, and co-workers that you plan to quit- Let your friends and family in on your plan to quit smoking and tell them you need their support and encouragement to stop.

Anticipate and plan for the challenges you'll face while quitting - Quitting is the easiest part of the effort. Staying that way is the hardest. Read and understand from various people who have done this before.

Remove cigarettes and other tobacco products from your home, car, and work before you set out for Ananda - Remember the last thing that you want is a slip just after returning from us.

Take home the lifestyle - Learn different aspects about the concepts of Ayurveda and benefits of Yogic Cleansing and include them in your routine as instructed.

Click here to read more and to book the Retreat


The Practice of Trataka; is a very effective tool to quit smoking. Stress, for smokers is always a strong trigger to smoke because of one’s dependence on nicotine. What is very important in a quit smoking program is to replace the dependence on nicotine with something relaxing, calming and positive which not only helps to reduce the intensity of stress in smokers but also enhances their will power.

The technique of Trataka is a very powerful tool to enhance will power and to develop ‘one-pointed alertness’. Literally Trataka means ‘steady gazing’. Practically Trataka can be done with any object which is uplifting and draws attention spontaneously. Candle flame is one such luminous and positive image which is often used in the practice to develop concentration and will power.

In this practice one should sit comfortably on the floor. The room should be devoid of light and wind so that the flame stays steady. Then place a candle at arm’s length in front of the body with the height of the flame at eye level.

After relaxing the body, focus your awareness on the center of the flame and continuously gaze at the point in the flame which is most luminous or brightest. Gazing should be steady and focused at one point without blinking the eyes as long as comfortable. Once there is strain felt in the eye muscles ,then gently close the eyes and visualize the image of the flame inside as long as it stays. When the after image of the flame begins to fade, restart the process once again. Like this, repeat the procedure 2-3 cycles and then focus on the inner mental screen for some time.

Healthy tips which assist in curbing the smoke craving:
Mix 3-4 cardamom and a pinch of cinnamon powder along with 4 to 5 mint leaves and start chewing

Whenever the urge to smoke overpowers you, have something salty or keep some salt on the tip of your tongue. This kills your urge for smoking

Recipe - Thai style Betel leaves wrapped Glass noodles with Som Tam dressing

Amount / Measure / Ingredient
3 nos Betel leaves
10 gm Glass noodles
5 gm Tomatoes
5 gm Cucumber
2 gm Onion
2 gm Spring Onion
5 ml Soy sauce
5 gm Garlic
2 gm Green Chillies
10 gm Jaggery
10 gm Sweet Chilly sauce
1 nos Lemon

Preparation Method -
1. Warm the leaves so that they become soft.
2. Soak the glass noodles, add remaining ingredients tossed lightly.
3. Stuff the filling in the soft Betel leaves and wrap them tightly.
4. Serve with sweet chili sauce

Oprah Winfrey
Dear Mr.Kapur and Ananda Team
The experience here once was once again exquisite. Bahut Acha !
Thank you for your every attention to detail, comfort and service. I love that every person, every treatment, every class feels so pure and authentic. I cherish the time spent here and look forward to sharing with other friends.
Until we meet again.

Phir Milenge , Dhanyawad
Oprah Winfrey

Thank you so much for the amazing Hospitality! We loved our stay!

Ricky Martin
So happy to be back ! Thank you for all. It’s really incredible! Peace Love and Light !
Ricky Martin

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Period Retreat/Master Topic

Visiting Master

Feburary 15 – March 18 Visiting Master Chakra Healing, Balancing and Alignment through Color Therapy Rosemarie Goerke
March 8 -21 Ananda Retreat Phases of Womanhood Colin Gary Hall
March 20 – April 3 Visiting Master Tibetan Singing Bowls and Meditation Techniques Gerlinde Schimdt
March 25, April 11, April 17 Visiting Master Living Spirituality Series Sadhviji Bhagwati Saraswati
April 1 - 14 Ananda Retreat Living Consciously Ananda Meditation Retreat Program Sushant Pandey
April 1- 20 Visiting Master Spiritual Healing Richard Currall
April 20 -30 Visiting Master Expressive Art Therapy Bhaktiveda Dhaul
May 1 -15 Ananda Retreat Quit Smoking Dr.Shijoe Matthew
May 1 - 30 Visiting Master Buqi Healing Sheila Green
June 1- 15 Ananda Retreat Living with Diabetes Dr.Shijoe Matthew
August 1- 15 Ananda Retreat Asthma & Breathing Disorder Sushant Pandey
August 1 - 30 Visiting Master Shiatsu, Reiki and Psycho Energy Jill Banwell/ Claude Simard
October 1- 15 Ananda Retreat Living with Arthritis Retreat Dr.Shijoe Matthew
October 1 -26 Visiting Master Craniosacral Work Cameran Walker
November  1 - 15 Visiting Master Reflexology, Reiki and Shakti Healing Suruchi Bazaz
November 15 - 30 Visiting Master Chakra Healing, Balancing and Alignment through Color Therapy Rosemarie Goerke
December 10 -24 Ananda Retreat Yogic Cleansing Sushant Pandey


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